I'm not one to promote gossip sites, but...

August 1, 2016

I'm not a fan of TMZ.com or Perez Hilton sites. When I started this blog, my thought was to be real and honest with listeners. No click-bait links, just stories about my life behind the mic, and my personal life and experiences in and out of the radio world.  However, this is a little different.  As the President's daughter, you'd think you'd have more class, right?  I get it, go out, have a good time and sing your heart out at a concert. But, Obama's daughter showing a little Obama booty might be just a little too much, right?

Her dad is the world leader, and presses red buttons in the White House to launch missles and they shut down I-95 in DC so he can make a Starbucks run.  

Do you think she went overboard at Lollapalooza, or am I making a big deal out of nothing?  

Obama's Daughter at Lollapalooza!