Southern Pressed Juicery's Owner Shares How She Has Adapted


April 20, 2019

COVID-19 has changed the way that we do so many things, like just going out to get a bite to eat, which has had a huge impact on our local restaurants, so Entercom Upstate, is donating this time to let you know who is #NowServing.

Southern Pressed Juicery has adapted. Owner Olivia Esquivel says they have physically altered. What has been a vibrant community gathering spot, for now, Southern Pressed Juicery has had to observe the strict social distancing guidelines, and more of their custumers are using their app and calling ahead to order cold pressed juices, super food smoothies and plant based foods,for curbside pickup. Intersted in ordering? Just pull up in the median in front of the store on West Washington Street in Downtown Greenville.

Whether your've looking for an immunity boost or a burst of energy, Southern Pressed Juicery has you covered with their organic and fresh combinations, prepared using stringent DHEC guidelines. Order now and know we are helping you #StayConnected and helping out a local favorite... Southern Pressed Juicery!

Gone are the days when southern living was synonymous with strolling through life at a slightly slower pace. These days, we are all pressed for time. We’re pressed to perform, pressed to succeed, pressing ourselves to do a whole lot more with a lot less time. When we’re feeling the pressure, it’s tempting to look for shortcuts. Often, in taking those shortcuts, we short ourselves by compromising our health, happiness and wellbeing. But not all shortcuts are bad. At Southern Pressed Juicery, we give your body a break without breaking your stride. Our goal is to give you a slow down without actually slowing you down.

The proven benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables are numerous. It boosts your immune system. It cleanses your body. It gives you a lift from the inside out. And while Mother Nature tends to work at her own pace, Southern Pressed Juicery brings you the best she has to offer at the speed of life.

Southern Pressed

Southern Pressed

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