- The Hawk & Tom Show

March 19, 2020

Hey, if you're living with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you make it through this stretch of being home together 24/7 still in love, it's time to lock it down.  WeddingWire just released its annual report based on data from more than 25,000 couples that got married last year.  And here are five stats on how couples today get engaged . . .

1.  The most common month to get engaged is December, and the most common days are Christmas and Christmas Eve.

2.  11% of people propose without a ring.

3.  More than 90% of couples share the news that they got engaged on social media.

4.  Seven out of 10 people who receive an engagement ring have some involvement in picking it out . . . or even paying for it.

5.  And finally, 27% of couples own a home together before they get engaged . . . and 49% own a pet together.