July 19, 2018

Think of your earliest childhood memory.  Now smile about it, enjoy it, revel in it, feel nostalgic about it....before we CRUSH IT FOREVER..

Your earliest childhood memories might be FAKE.  According to a new study, for about 40% of us, we don't actually remember things from our early childhood....we've just pieced together fake memories from pictures and stories.

We done got incepted, ya'll.  Hahaha!!!

The researchers say there's a good chance you THINK you remember something from your early childhood, but you've really just pieced together fake memories through pictures and stories you've heard.  And that's ESPECIALLY true if you think you have memories from when you were two or younger.  39% of people say they remember something from the first two years of their lives, and the researchers say that's basically impossible.

The study also found the most common types of early memories people claim they have.
The top five are:

Riding in a stroller
Being with their family
Playing with a toy
Feeling sad
The birth of a sibling

What is your earliest childhood memory?

(Daily Mail)