- The Hawk & Tom Show

February 5, 2020

Of all the reasons to LIE, this just might be the one that makes the least sense . . . at least on the surface.

According to a new study, one big reason people lie is . . . they want to look honest.  The researchers found that if we have to tell people something true that might make it LOOK like we're lying, we'll lie about it so it'll look true.

-  Here's an example:  The researchers found that lawyers would sometimes lie to clients by DECREASING the number of billable hours they worked . . . because they didn't want their clients to think they were inflating the hours and cheating them. 

-  Another example from history:  The first time that scientists measured Mount Everest, it was exactly 29,000 feet high.  But they publicly announced it was 29,002 feet . . . because they were afraid people would think an even 29,000 was just an estimate.

So how could this come up in your life?  Let's say you finish a big project at work WAY faster than expected.  You might lie and say it took longer, so your boss doesn't think you cut corners or you've been exaggerating how long OTHER work takes you.

The researchers say, quote, "Many people care greatly about their reputation and how they will be judged by others . . . I think most people will recognize a time in their lives when they were motivated to tell a lie to appear honest."