April 11, 2018

We know you love to eat pizza, but what is your favorite topping?  Do onion rings and chicken nuggets make good toppings?

Forget the pineapple-on-pizza debate, here's what we should REALLY focus on:  Do FRIED FOODS belong on your pizza?  There's a shop in Nottingham, England that just started making pizzas using things like ONION RINGS and CHICKEN NUGGETS as toppings, and people are so intrigued that they're trying to get them shipped all over the world....even here in the U.S.

But does that taste good, or is it overkill?  We couldn't find any reviews online, so I guess you'll have to go to Domino's, then swing by McDonald's, toss some nuggets on your pizza, and try it out yourself.   Oh, and let us know how it tastes.   BTW, Tom said you're more than welcome to drop a slice or two off for him to try.   Haha!!

(The Scottish Sun)