The Hawk & Tom Show

September 8, 2020
Hawk & Tom Blog

What's something your cat has trained you to do?  Here are a few things people have said..


1.  "I used to be a side sleeper.  Now I sleep on my back so my cat can sleep on me."  Another person also said they've learned to sleep with their legs apart, so their cat can sleep between them.


2.  "I shuffle my feet instead of walking when it's dark, so I don't step on them."


3.  "I leave the toilet seat up so she can pee.  Otherwise, she'll pee in the sink."


4.  A bunch of people had the same story about learning to leave the door open when they use the bathroom.  If they don't, their cat will yowl and scratch at it.


5.  "My cat sleeps under the blanket with me.  Even when I'm at a hotel, I instinctively raise the blanket so he can crawl in."


6.  "My girlfriend's cat makes me pick her up to drink running tap water from her bathroom sink, even though she can easily make the jump."


7.  "My cat always chucks up a hairball at night.  It's gotten to the point that I wake up, put my hands under her mouth, and catch the hairball."