March 28, 2018

Well I know what THIS guy's going to be talking about at his next confession.

Around 5:00 A.M. last Thursday, a man went to a clothing store in Brooklyn, New York.    As he stood outside, he made the Sign of the Cross, then he grabbed a brick and threw it through the glass door.  Well...he tried, right?  Jesus took the wheel for a second, and it bounced off the door, which gave the guy a chance to do the right thing.  But, he ignored that divine intervention and threw it at the glass again.  And that time, the glass broke, so he ran into the store, stole about 18 pieces of clothing, and ran off.

The cops have the surveillance footage of him crossing himself, breaking the door, and stealing the clothing....and they're trying to track him down. 

CLICK HERE for the video..