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June 26, 2019

No Matter Your Age, You Probably Use the Words "Cool" and "Awesome"..

It's rare to see something translate across all generations like this.... A new survey asked people to name the top slang terms they use to describe something that's "positive or favorable", and two words dominated the lists for baby boomers, Gen Xers, AND millennials.

No matter how old you are, you probably use the words "COOL" and "AWESOME."

Those two words tied overall....56% of people ranked them as one of the top three terms they use the most:  62% of boomers . . . 62% of Gen Xers . . . and 47% of millennials. 

Third on all three lists was the word "nice."

- the top terms for boomers are:  "awesome," "cool," "nice," "neat," and "superb."

- for Gen Xers, it's:   "awesome," cool," "nice," "neat," and "wicked."

- for millennials, it's:  "cool," "awesome," "nice," "DOPE," and "neat."

- Older Americans are more likely to say:  "awesome" . . . "cool" . . . "superb" . . . "neat" . . . and "far out." 

- Young people are much more likely to use these five terms:  "dope" . . . "lit" . . . "fire" . . . "sick" . . . and "Gucci."