August 23, 2018

You'd THINK that tons of women would want to go out with a genius.  But no, it turns out they'd prefer someone who might be a better fit for "Wheel of Fortune" than "Jeopardy".

According to a new study, there's such a thing as being "too smart" to date.  The researchers found that women preferred guys who were in the 90th percentile of intelligence, not the 99th.  Why?  It's because they believed guys who were geniuses were too high maintenance and they weren't good in social situations.

Now, if you're wondering if there's also such a thing as being "too handsome"....nope.  Women are totally cool with dating someone in the 99th percentile there.

And when you flip it to what men are looking for, they just want someone who maxes out every there's no such thing as too smart or too attractive. 

(The Sun)