November 8, 2018

Well, it's cold and flu season, so we want to try to help keep you healthy with this list of The Top Tips for Avoiding the Flu..

- Avoid crowds.  So go see "First Man".

- Wash your hands thoroughly after touching anything gross.  Like, yourself.

- Only date people that's had their flu shots.

- Eat healthy.  Unless Twinkies aren't healthy.  Then, don't eat healthy.

- Stay home and spend all day in bed watching TV.  Just like the boss!

- Always wear a surgical mask in public. 

- Exercise regularly and be sure to let everyone know how great you feel with a hundred different hashtags.

- Avoid anyone who looks even half as sickly as Johnny Depp.

- Avoid coming within 100 yards of any Kardashian.  Sorry, that's a tip for avoiding other viruses.

- If you come in contact with anyone sick, use a pocketknife to scrape off your finger skin.  Hey, it's either that, or get the sniffles.

- Don't share utensils. 

- Alcohol-based sanitizer is a great way to kill germs.  And as a bonus, it's unbelievably delicious!

- Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables from "never."

- Wash your hands after touching the IT guy.

- Stop returning the flu's texts.

- Wash your hands frequently.  If you work in fast food, this means more than twice a month.

- As hard as it may be, try not to kiss any birds or swine.

Good luck this Flu Season.  And keep listening to The Hawk & Tom Show....we'll make you feel better.  :)