October 26, 2018

Do you ever leave the house and have a sinking feeling you left something on?  Like the oven, or your curling iron?

A new survey found 80% of us have turned around and gone back to double-check. 

Here are the Top 10 nagging questions that can instantly stress us out, and most of them have to do with forgetting stuff at home..

1.  "Did I lock the front door?"

2.  "Do I have my phone?"

3.  "Do I have my keys?"

4.  "Do we have anything to make for dinner?"

5.  "Did I leave a window open?"

6.  "Did I leave a light on?"

7.  "Did I lock the car?"

8.  "Did I SHUT the front door?"

9.  "Did I leave the stove or oven on?"

10.  "Did I remember to turn off the heat or the A/C?" 

A few more from the top 25 include, "Did I leave the curling iron on?"...."Did I close the fridge?"...."Did I remember to pay that bill?"....and, "Did I make sure the cat is in?"