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May 12, 2020
Hawk & Tom Blog

According to a new survey, four out of five people say they work as hard as they can at their job every day.

That being said, some jobs take a very different type of hard work.  The survey asked people to name THE hardest jobs out there, and these are the top 10...


1.  Nurse.

2.  Doctor.

3.  Paramedic.

4.  Police officer.

5.  Firefighter.

6.  Surgeon.

7.  Healthcare worker.

8.  Bomb squad.

9.  Farmer.

10.  Prison warden.


The survey also asked people for the signs of a hard worker at any job.

And here are the top 10...


1.  Helping coworkers when you don't need to.

2.  Always meeting deadlines.

3.  Volunteering for work.

4.  Always getting everything done on your to-do list.

5.  Getting through more work than anyone else.

6.  Getting in early.

7.  Staying late.

8.  Keeping a to-do list.

9.  Never procrastinating.

10.  Volunteering for meetings. 



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