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November 13, 2018

There's no such thing as "saving room for dessert" at a meal.....everyone knows it just goes into your special dessert stomach, right?

A new survey found the EXCUSES people give when they don't like your Thanksgiving cooking and they want to get out of eating it.  The top three are:

- I'm saving room for dessert
- I had a big breakfast
- I'm on a diet

The survey also found the top five "Thanksgiving fails," and they are:

- Not having all of the cooking done on time
- Overcooking the turkey
- Not having enough chairs
- Forgetting the cranberry sauce
- Spilling something on the floor

(A couple of related notes:  Spotify has a new feature where they'll make you a playlist based on how long your turkey will take to cook..... and BE CAREFUL, because there's a turkey salmonella outbreak going on.)

(New York Post)