The Hawk & Tom Show

October 12, 2020
The Hawk & Tom Show

We're all REALLY good at holding grudges.


There's a discussion on Reddit right now where people are venting about something in their past they're STILL angry or annoyed about, even after all these yearsHere are some of the best things people just can't let go of..


1.  "In fifth grade, a science test asked 'Are there any stars in the solar system?'  I said yes.  He marked it wrong.  I went up and said, 'What about the sun?'  He said he meant all the other stars and kept it marked wrong.  I'm over 50 years old now."


2.  "I was suspended for vandalizing the school even though I didn't do it.  Four days later I was allowed to come back because they found who actually did it.  I just got an apology."


3.  "I went on maternity leave.  The woman they hired to cover for me was paid $3 more an hour.  She couldn't keep up and messed up several things I had to correct when I came back.  When I asked for a raise, they offered me 50 cents."


4.  "Our wedding photographer left part of their lens cap on so every photo has a massive black ring.  No good photos from the wedding."


5.  "When my mom accidentally put my sister's name on my birthday cake.  Pretty horrible way to turn 13."