January 11, 2018


A company just released a line of SMART UNDERWEAR.  They have sensors that read your heart rate, temperature, and more . . . and then interact with other smart devices in your house.  If you're interested, you can pre-order . . . but it's $279 for four pairs.

A company called Myant just released a new line of SMART UNDERWEAR called Skiin.  Here's how it works:  There are sensors sewn into the underwear and bras that track things like your heart rate, temperature, and hydration levels.  And then it can react to your body by automatically interacting with other smart things in your house.  Like, if you're hot, it will tell your Nest thermostat to lower the temperature.  Or if you're stressed, it could play calming music on Spotify.

But it isn't cheap . . . four pairs start at $279.  And it's hard to imagine "smart underwear" is on anyone's financial priority list right now.  If you're interested, you can pre-order now at . . . that's "Skiin" with two i's.  The underwear will ship this summer.