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May 4, 2020
Hawk & Tom Blog

Everyone's cooking more because of the lockdown... so someone looked through Google Trends to see which recipe each state has been searching for more than usual since the crisis began.  Here are the results..


1.  The most common recipe we've been googling more is for "hamburgers" or "hamburger meat."  It's the top search in 12 states.


2.  "Bread" is the top search in six states . . . Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Washington.  And "cornbread" is #1 in Mississippi.


3.  Various "chicken" recipes ranked first in five states . . . Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Tennessee.


4.  "Salmon" is #1 in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.


5.  In Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana, the top search is for "cinnamon roll" recipes.


6.  Vermont and all its maple syrup has people searching for new ways to make "pancakes."  And people in Utah are getting fancy by making "crêpes."


7.  BTW: For those of us in South Carolina and North Carolina ..  we searched for "pound cake" recipes

Here are a few more that are unique:  Arizona is making lemonade . . . in California, snickerdoodles . . . Wisconsin loves ham . . . in Louisiana, crawfish étouffée (AY-too-FAY) . . . in New York, the Passover dish charoset (harr-oh-SET) . . . and the #1 recipe for people in Washington D.C. is . . . margaritas