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August 18, 2020
Hawk & Tom Blog

If you need a break from all the REAL LIFE you're dealing with, Buzzfeed has a list of notorious pop culture rivalries, and they're asking America who WE think should be the winner... once and for all.


Here's the list, along with the current leader on their website, last we checked..


1.  Which one was actually the best boy band of the '90s?  'N Sync or the Backstreet Boys?  Backstreet is leading 64% to 36%.


2.  Which one is the best superhero cinematic universe?  Marvel or DC?  Marvel is cleaning up . . . 89% to 11%.


3.  Which of these is the best singing competition?  "American Idol", "The Voice", or "The X Factor"?  "The Voice" is leading with 47%.  "Idol" (27%) is slightly above "The X Factor" (26%).


4.  Which "Twilight" team are you on?  Team Edward or Team Jacob?  Team Edward is up 60% to 40%.


5.  Who was the superior vocal powerhouse of the '90s?  Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey?  Whitney is easily winning this one 79% to 21%.


6.  Which is the better children's program featuring puppets?  "The Muppet Show" or "Sesame Street"?  "Sesame Street" is up 60% to 40%.


7.  Which is the better space adventure saga?  "Star Wars" or "Star Trek"?  "Star Wars" is blowing out "Star Trek", 85% to 15%.


8.  Who is the definitive 2000s pop icon?  Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?  Britney is prevailing, with 86% of the vote.  Christina only has 14%.


9.  Pick your favorite Marvel Chris:  Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Pratt?  Hemsworth has 49%, Evans is next with 33%, and Pratt is last at 18%.


10.  Pick your favorite animated pet franchise:  "Pokemon" or "Digimon"?  "Pokemon" is obliterating "Digimon", 95% to 5%. 


11.  And finally, which social media platform can you not live without?  Twitter, Instagram, or Tik Tok?  Instagram has 65%, Tik Tok has 21%, and Twitter is last with 14%.

-  Which would you pick out of these other rivalries:  Tupac vs. Biggie.... Oasis vs. Blur.... Kanye vs. Taylor.... John Lennon vs. Paul McCartney.... Lady Gaga vs. Madonna.... Disney Classics vs. Pixar.... "Seinfeld" vs. "Friends".... "The Sopranos" vs. "The Wire".... Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford.... and Coke vs. Pepsi.