October 1, 2018

We all know we SHOULDN'T Google our symptoms when we're feeling sick...  Whatever diagnosis it spits out is probably going to be wrong and totally freak you out, but we ALL do it anyway.

A new study looked at the symptoms that people in every state Googled the most last year.  And while there are some boring ones, like "stress" and "sniffles", here are six states that really stand out:

1.  Wisconsin . . . "light colored poop."

2.  Mississippi . . . "gas."

3.  Idaho . . . "symptoms of E. coli."

4.  Nebraska . . . "signs of low testosterone."

5.  New Mexico . . . phlegm, but misspelled F-L-E-M.

6.  South Carolina . . . "dark green stool."

(Here's a map with the results from every state.)