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May 10, 2019

Have you spent ANY time yet planning for Mother's Day this year?  If not, get ready to feel guilty about it.

A new survey of 2,000 women with kids found the average Mom spends 97 hours a WEEK taking care of their childrenWhich is like two-and-a-half full-time jobs....Even though 70% of moms in the survey said they also HAVE a part-time or full-time job.  And if they got paid for all the work they do for their kids, they'd be raking in an extra $100,460 a year. 

Here are four more stats from the survey:

1.  The ten most common jobs moms take on are:  meal planner . . . cook . . . housekeeper . . . launderer . . . teacher . . . nurse . . . life coach . . . personal assistant . . . therapist . . . and event planner.

2.  The average mom spends 46 minutes a day cooking . . . 44 minutes on laundry . . . 29 minutes on arts and crafts projects . . . and gets less than one hour of "me time."

3.  53% of moms don't get enough sleep, and 47% feel like they don't have time to pursue hobbies, or hang out with friends.

4.  69% of moms in the survey said they wish they could spend even MORE time caring for their kids. 




Mother's Day is a good occasion to remember JUST how much moms are doing on the 364 days a year that don't explicitly celebrate them.  A new study broke down a bunch of yearly stats on being a mom.  And here are some of the highlights:

1.  Moms spend three hours and 58 minutes a week watching kids' sports, which adds up to around eight full days per year.

2.  They take three days off work per year to look after sick kids.

3.  The spend four hours and 55 minutes at school plays and assemblies per year.

4.  Hang five drawings on the fridge every year.

5.  Buy 38 presents per kid per year between birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions.

6.  Get woken up 16 times a year for bad dreams.

7.  Hear the kids say "I'm bored" 144 times a year, or 12 times a month.

8.  And moms hear their kids say "I love you" 676 times a year, or 13 times a week. 

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