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April 29, 2020
Hawk & Tom Blog

How sad is it that the thought of driving around with PASSENGERS in my car just made me nostalgic?    Well, a new survey found that 49% of people admit their car is usually a mess.

Here are eight more quick stats...

1.  When people were asked to name the dirtiest spot in their car, the top answers were:  the floor . . . the backseat . . . the cup holders . . . the dashboard . . . and the trunk.

2.  The top things that are currently junking up the inside of our cars are:   crumbs, empty bottles, food wrappers, old magazines, and blankets.

3.  Just over two-thirds of people with messy cars said it's embarrassing when they have passengers.

4.  Seven out of 10 people said a messy car is a turn off.  And half of us would think about cancelling a date if the person showed up in a filthy car.

5.  78% overall said a clean car makes them feel like they have their life together.

6.  45% said containing the mess is hard, and can seem overwhelming.

7.  24% of us don't clean out our car because we know it'll just get messy again.

8.  One in four people would rather clean their toilet than their car.