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November 18, 2019

Why have turkey with a side of mac and cheese at Thanksgiving dinner when you can COMBINE them?

The people at Reynolds Wrap just released their annual Thanksgiving recipes, and one of their ideas this year is a Mac and Cheese Turkey.

It's not the world's most complex recipeBasically you crack open a box of mac and cheese, coat the turkey in powdered cheese, and then serve it over the noodles.  But still . . . you'll DEFINITELY get people talking if you make it.

If you're not over pumpkin spice by now, Reynolds also has a recipe this year for a Pumpkin Spice Turkey.

And they still have some of their more ridiculous turkey recipes from the past few years up on their site as well . . . including a Cool Ranch Turkey....  Flamin' Hot Cheetos Turkey....  and Mountain Dew Turkey

Here's a picture of the mac and cheese turkey.