- The Hawk & Tom Show

February 7, 2020

If you want to know when you'll be the least focused at work, just check your calendar for Mondays and Tuesdays around a holiday.

The jobs website looked at every day last year, and tracked how many people clicked on an article called, "7 Reasons You Have No Motivation to Work."  And they found we hit peak laziness in April and October

Here are the ten laziest days of the year, ALL of which fall on a Monday or Tuesday . . .

1.  Tuesday, October 29th.  Right before Halloween.

2.  Monday, April 22nd.  The day after Easter.

3.  Monday, April 29th.  Just a random Monday.

4.  Monday, November 11th.  That was Veterans Day, but a lot of people had to work.

5.  Tuesday, April 23rd.  Two days after Easter.

6.  Monday, May 20th.  A random Monday between Mother's Day and Memorial Day.

7.  Tuesday, May 28th.  The day after Memorial Day.

8.  Tuesday, October 15th.  The day after Columbus Day.

9.  Monday, April 8th.  Just a random Monday in April.

10.  Monday, October 28th, right before Halloween. 

- The Monday after the Super Bowl ranked fairly low in 91st place..