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April 20, 2020
Hawk & Tom Blog

The newest thing we're buying like crazy is . . . HOUSEPLANTS.

It's not clear why.  Maybe we need something to take care of right now . . . or we've realized our Zoom backgrounds are just really boring.

So will we actually keep all these plants alive, or will they wither and die?  A recent survey found that for almost half of us, the prospects aren't great.

-  30% of Americans admitted they're BAD at keeping plants alive.  And another 13% weren't sure.  So that's 43% who don't seem too confident.

-  57% said they're at least "somewhat" capable, including 1 in 5 people who think they're "very good" at taking care of plants.

Men and women were equally likely to say they have a green thumb, but women were slightly more likely to say they're terrible at keeping plants alive. 



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