July 10, 2018

Two things could be bad for you..  Your Bra....and... your Tie!

A new study found wearing your tie too tight reduces blood flow to your brain by 8%, which can make it harder to focus....and effectively make you dumber.  In extreme cases, it could even cause a stroke.

Wearing a tie constricts the veins in your neck so much, it reduces blood flow to your brain...and that's enough to potentially slow down your brain's processing power, or worse.  The good news is you're probably fine as long as you don't wear your tie really tight for long periods of time.  Just loosening it a tiny bit should help you avoid any issues.


And if you were thinking, "Well I'm a lady and I don't wear ties, so I'm all good" . . . did you really think our patriarchal society would let THAT happen?

There's another study in the news....one that found your BRA could be giving you headaches.

Apparently 78% of women in the world wear the wrong size bra.  And if you're one of them, it can add stress to your shoulders, which can lead to headaches and back and neck pain. 

So....just say NO...to Ties and Bras.   Hahaha!!!

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