- The Hawk & Tom Show

May 8, 2019

How much could you save if you only bought the bare essentials each month, and nothing else?

We know that you have to pay bills and buy food each month....but how much could you save if you cut out all NON-essentials....everything from alcohol to Netflix?

A new SURVEY claims the average American could save $1,497 a month....or about $18,000 a year.

Here are the top ten non-essential things we spend money on:

1.  Dinner at restaurants, $209 a month.

2.  Drinks with friends or co-workers, $189.

3.  Takeout or delivery for dinner, $178.

4.  Going out for lunch instead of packing a lunch, $174.

5.  Impulse purchases, $109.  (So the top five alone add up to $859.)

6.  Ubers and Lyfts for non-essential trips, $96.

7.  Personal care, like massages or manicures, $94.

8.  Subscription boxes, like Blue Apron and FabFitFun, also $94.

9.  Cable, $91.  Plus another $23 for things like Netflix and Hulu.

10.  Online shopping for stuff you don't really need, $84.