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July 20, 2020
Hawk & Tom Blog

The pandemic has made people re-evaluate so many things in their lives.  One of those things?  Whether they still want to have "Zeppelin Rules!" tattooed on their lower back.

-  According to Removery, which is a laser tattoo removal business in 31 cities, they've seen a 30% jump in tattoo removal requests compared to this time last year.


Quote, "We're hearing from so many people who are reflecting on their lives during the quarantine...  "Wanting to remove tattoos after making big changes in career or relationships, or just generally having more time to consider the image they want to project to the world." 

Tattoo removal is a rapidly expanding industry that, according to Market Research Future, is estimated to reach $4.8 billion in global market size by 2023. A Dalia Research survey finds that 46% of Americans (approximately 150 million people) have at least one tattoo. Removery estimates that 30 million people may be actively seeking removal or fading of a tattoo.



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