- The Hawk & Tom Show

November 11, 2019

Are there any Thanksgiving foods you're really NOT looking forward to? 

A new study asked 2,000 people to name the foods they secretly hate, but still eat because of tradition or just to be polite.

68% said there's at least one classic Thanksgiving food they secretly dislike but eat anyway.  And the most popular answer was . . . canned cranberry sauce.

Some people hate the taste, and some find the can shape revolting.  Almost 30% said they secretly dislike it, but still eat it if it's served. 

Here are the top five answers:

1.  Canned cranberry sauce  (29% hate it but eat it anyway)

2.  Green bean casserole  (24%)

3.  Sweet potatoes or sweet potato casserole  (22%)

4.  Pumpkin pie  (21%)

5.  Turkey  (19%... So almost 1 in 5 people secretly hate eating turkey on Thanksgiving)

The survey also found 23% of us have no interest in leftovers.

And one more random stat:  For some reason, we buy more CHEEZ WHIZ around Thanksgiving than any other time of year.  In the lead-up last year, there was a 158% jump in sales.