August 31, 2018

A guy in northern California had a heart attack last year while he was out on a first date with a woman, but luckily she's a doctor, did CPR, and saved his life.  Now they joke that giving him mouth-to-mouth was technically their first kiss.

This happened about ten months ago, but it's just making headlines.  Last October, a 56-year-old guy in Santa Cruz, California named Max Montgomery started dating a 45-year-old woman named Andi Traynor.  And for their first date, they decided to go surfing, hich might be the most "California" thing we've ever heard.

Anyway, in the middle of their surfing date, Max had a HEART ATTACK and collapsed on the beach.  But luckily, Andi happens to be a DOCTOR, so she immediately started doing CPR and saved his LIFE.  Paramedics showed up a few minutes later and shocked his heart back into rhythm. 

Max had bypass surgery the next day.  And now almost a year later, they're still together and say they're madly in LOVE.  They joke that Andi giving him mouth-to-mouth was technically their first kiss.

They also recently started a charity together called Help-A-Heart that provides CPR dummies, so more people can get CPR certified. 

A wildlife photographer happened to have a camera set up....HERE'S the video of Andi saving Max's life.


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