June 15, 2018

Father's Day is Sunday, so we've compiled a few things you should know about Father's Day..  Also, what Father's NEED to be learning....and what they really want on their special day.  So here goes..

Here are six things you probably didn't know about Father's Day:

1.  It's written as Father's Day . . . with the apostrophe after the "R".  The holiday's creator wanted it to be Fathers' Day with the apostrophe after the "S" . . . but Congress put the apostrophe after the "R" when they established it as an official holiday.

2.  It was first proposed by a woman.  A woman from Washington state named Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to create a Mother's Day for dads.  And because of her, Washington held the first Father's Day on July 19th, 1910.

3.  It didn't become an official holiday until 1972.  President Nixon was the one who officially declared it a holiday.  Mother's Day, on the other hand, was made official in 1914.

4.  Father's Day is the fourth-most popular holiday for greeting cards behind Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day.

5.  The official flower of Father's Day is the rose.  And a red rose is supposed to signify that your father is living, while a white rose means he's passed away.

6.  Ties might date back to 221 B.C.  When China's first emperor and his terracotta army were discovered, each sculpture was wearing a necktie. 


The skills that it takes to be a dad have changed a LOT.  Like . . . your kids don't care at all about learning how to change their own oil, but you'd better teach them how to use the HDMI inputs on the TV.

Here are some of the skills that MODERN DADS need to master, according to a new survey:

1.  Cooking a meal.
2.  Setting up WiFi and a Netflix account.
3.  Building IKEA furniture.
4.  Setting up video game consoles.
5.  Teaching the kids what all the wires going into the TV do.
6.  Keeping up on the latest technology.
7.  Scraping together a down payment so their kids can actually afford a home.
8.  Being active on social media.
9.  Keeping up on fashion trends.
10.  Teaching the kids how to host their own YouTube show. 


Is Father's Day just as important as Mother's Day?  In a recent survey, only 5% of people said Father's Day is MORE important, compared to 27% who said Mother's Day is.  But almost two-thirds said they are equally important.  Another survey asked dads what they'd like to GET for Father's Day this year.  The average dad expects each kid to spend $27 on their Father's Day gift this year, but if you still haven't bought anything, here's some inspiration.

Here are the Top 10 Gifts Dads Want:

A nice dinner out.
A nice bottle of booze.
A watch.
A vacation.
A smart speaker.
A steak dinner at home.
Tickets to a sporting event.
Expensive coffee.

If none of those do it for you, some more highlights from the top 30 include aftershave, a pizza oven, photography accessories, socks (???), a home-brewing kit, a video game, headphones, a fitness tracker, a power tool, moisturizer (???), a family portrait, slippers and a nice pen.

But even though dads want those things, it doesn't mean they EXPECT to get them.  Oh, and if you go with a big-ticket item, it's fine to make it a chip-in gift from the whole family. 


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