May 16, 2018

If you could eat something every day without suffering any consequences, what would it be?

Eating a lot of pasta, potatoes, or rice can actually help you LOSE weight, according to a new study.  They fill you up, so you're less likely to snack on junk food, so you end up consuming fewer calories overall.  So here's the question: 

If you could eat ANY food every day without suffering the consequences, what would it be? 

Here are the ten most common answers people gave in a new survey:

1.  Pizza.
2.  Burgers.
3.  Ice cream.
4.  Mexican food.
5.  Chocolate.
6.  Carb-heavy stuff, like pasta or bread.
7.  French fries.
8.  Donuts.
9.  Cake.
10.  Chips.

BUT..... Bee careful eating these foods....because eating fast food puts you in a BAD MOOD.. 

The author of a book on foods and your mood says that the trans fats in fast food, especially the fries, can lead to you being pessimistic, aggressive, and depressed.  In other words, "Happy Meal" is false advertising?  Hahaha!!!

And fast food isn't the only food that she says will bum you out . . . basically EVERYTHING that tastes good will.  

Some of the other foods that she says will put you in a bad mood are: 

Diet soda
Sugary cereal
Prepackaged donuts
Shortening and margarine
Salty snacks
Canned food

So....what's for lunch today?

(National Today)