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February 14, 2020

A million studies and surveys come out around Valentine's Day each year... so we went through and pulled out the best stuff.  Here are ten random stats . . .

1.  Americans will spend $27 billion for Valentine's Day this year.  And a lot of it is spent on CRAP.  Last year, we shelled out about $9.5 billion for UNWANTED gifts, like kitchen utensils or a gym membership.


2.  On average, nine million people propose on Valentine's Day each year.  And roughly one million Facebook users will change their relationship status in the next few days.


3.  There's a 33% spike in online dating in the two weeks before Valentine's Day.  The states with the biggest spikes are Alabama, Texas, West Virginia, and Tennessee.  And Tinder will see a 20% surge in traffic today.


4.  The average online dater spends six hours a week looking for love.  Or about 51 minutes a day.  But according to a new poll, it's NOT the top way people meet.  "Through work" and "through mutual friends" tied for first.


5.  The top international destination for Valentine's Day this year is Mexico.  It's home to all of the top three cities:  Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta.


6.  Hallmark now makes over 1,260 unique Valentine's Day cards you can buy.


7.  About 30% of annual flower sales happen this week.


8.  Only 20% of Americans think Valentine's Day is romantic.  46% think it's become too commercialized.


9.  Young people aren't huge fans.  15% of people in Generation Z don't think of today as a REAL holiday.  And of those who do celebrate, 25% would cancel it if they could.


10.  Other than our romantic partners, the top people we plan to give gifts to today are our kids . . . another family member . . . and a friend.  And 15% of us will buy OURSELVES a gift this year.




What's the worst gift you've gotten, or given, for Valentine's Day?  Dating.com asked its members.  Here are the 10 worst gifts they came up with . . .


1.  A used candle.

2.  Clothes the guy's EX left at his place.

3.  Edible underwear.

4.  Pink shaving cream.  (???)

5.  A lighter with a sports team's logo on it.

6.  Hair ties.

7.  A picture of a gift he ordered online that didn't get there in time.  That one's probably more common than you think.

8.  A greeting card for a different holiday.  No word if it was a Christmas card or what.

9.  A date night coupon, instead of actually going out for Valentine's Day.

10.  Sweatpants. 



A new survey found that, basically, the less time a couple has been together, the more money they spend on Valentine's Day.


People who've been dating for less than six months will spend an average of $700. 

People who've been together between six month and two years will spend $453

People who've been together two to five years will spend $157.

And people who've been together for more than 20 years will spend $64 . . . or about 90% less than people in brand new relationships.

Of course, while being in a long-term relationship saves you money on Valentine's Day, it's not always great for romance.  Another survey found the average parents haven't gone on a romantic date in more than THREE YEARS. 




It's Valentine's Day, and that's all the intro I need for a list of 22 Celebrity Couples Who Fell in Love at First Sight.  Here are the highlights:


1.  Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Michael says, quote, "I looked at her, and I said, 'Catherine, I'm going to be the father of your children.'"


2.  Taraji P. Henson and her fiancé Kelvin Hayden:  Taraji actually fell in love with Kelvin's PICTURE when a friend showed it to her.  Quote, "I zoomed into his eyes and I was like . . . he just touched me in [my heart]."


3.  Emily Blunt and John Krasinski:  Emily was having lunch with a friend when John walked into the restaurant.  She says, quote, "And that was it.  We were engaged within 10 months, but I think we probably knew before that."


4.  Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi:  They first met backstage at VH1's "Big in '04 Awards".  Portia says quote, "Ellen took my breath away . . . My knees were weak."


5.  Matt Damon and his wife Luciana.  Matt says, quote, "I saw her across the room, and it was like there was a beam of lighting shining down on her . . . she was radiating joy."


6.  George and Amal Clooney.  George says, quote, "I knew when I met her that she was super-extraordinary.  I wondered if I would ever get a chance to date her.  We were friends for a while and luckily she said yes."


7.  David and Victoria Beckham.  David fell for his future wife while watching a Spice Girls video.  He told a friend, quote, "See the girl in the dark short dress?  I'm going to marry her."  And Victoria says David later told her that after they met, he, quote, "went home and wrote my [telephone] number on so many other things in case he lost it."


8.  Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.  Gisele says, quote, "I could see it in his eyes that he was a man with integrity who believes in the same things I do."


Check out the rest of the list here.


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