January 31, 2018


There's a huge debate on Twitter right now over whether a straw has one hole or two.  What do you think?


It's nice to see people arguing about something so sweet and innocent on social media . . . it really takes us back to the good old days of 2015.  Haha!!  A woman named Jess California posted a question on social media..  Quote, "We had a riveting discussion about this at lunch, but I want to hear from all of you:  Does a straw have one or two holes?"  And now, there's a RAGING debate going on about the answer.  Here are the best arguments we saw for both sides . . .

The argument for one hole:  "Would you say a donut has two holes?  No.  A straw is just a long plastic donut."

The argument for two holes:  "The straw is a small, manmade tunnel.  There's a hole to enter in, and a hole to exit.  If a hole led to no other point of egress, then it's a pit, or a bag, etc."


See?  It's actually kind of a tough question.  For what it's worth, Buzzfeed ran a poll, and surprisingly, three-quarters of people say straws just have one hole.