June 6, 2018

Go ahead and eat that sixth donut or chug that tall glass of's only making you MORE attractive.

A new survey says that two-thirds of women say they'd rather marry someone with a DAD BOD than someone with six-pack abs.  Yep..  83% of women say they think that men with dad bods are more confident...67% say they're attractive...and 62% take it even further and say they're SEXY.

And . . . shockingly . . . men are cool with the idea of eating whatever they want instead of keeping a super strict diet and constantly working out.  Only 21% of men admit they've got a dad bod . . . but 62% of them say that giving in and having one has improved their lives.

And, not surprisingly, 100% of them do no live in the Upstate..  Hahaha!!

(PR Newswire)