- The Hawk & Tom Show

November 26, 2018

It's Cyber Monday, so before you hastily begin your online shopping spree, check out this list of...

"The Top Cyber Monday Tips"

- To give it a Black Friday vibe, curse at family members and throw a surprise elbow or two.

- Don't purchase bulk romaine lettuce unless you really hate the person you're shopping for.

- No matter how cheap it is, a 99-inch flat screen is NOT going to fit in your living room.

- Don't buy anything you can grow in your garage.

- If your credit card starts smoking, slow down.

- If you can't find a particular item, fire off a scathing email to Jeff Bezos.

- If you don't want your lover to know what you're getting, ship your purchase to the office. Ditto for anything you buy for your wife.

- If the Dollar Store is advertising an item for "only two dollars," that's not a deal.

- Don't impulse buy. You don't NEED a vibrating, light up hat.

- Before buying anything from Sears, make sure they haven't gone out of business since you logged on.

- There's a reason those 3 Doors Down CDs are so cheap.

- Be sure to click that pop-up ad offering you 50 PlayStations for 50 cents. Particularly if you want to spend the rest of your life trying to remove viruses from your laptop.

- For even better deals, wait until this weekend for Shoplift Saturday.

- Avoid smoking a bowl in the morning to prevent your only purchase for the day being ten pepperoni pizzas.

- Don't expect Garfield to join you. He HATES Mondays!

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