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August 10, 2020
Hawk & Tom Blog

If you've ever been cheated on...  how did you find out?   There's a discussion on Reddit right now where people are sharing the ways they caught their significant other cheating on them. 

Here are some of the top answers.


1.  "I woke up in the middle of the night and my fiancé wasn't in bed . . . I went upstairs and found the guest bedroom locked.  After barging my way in, I found him with another woman in my childhood bed."


2.  "I found a note from the nanny to my husband in his weed stash."


3.  "Went in for my yearly checkup and tested positive for an STD.  Turns out my ex was sleeping around."


4.  "She goes to Comic-Con in New York City, I helped her pack . . . she never came back home.  Everything I know is due to the bills she left behind . . . she met a guy at San Diego Comic-Con a few months before and put together a plan to abandon me."


5.  "My buddy works at a hotel and called me saying that my wife just checked in with another guy."