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September 16, 2020
Hawk & Tom Blog

A new survey found the average American has watched 20 movies in the last two months, and binge-watched four ENTIRE television shows.  

Here are a few more quick stats on our streaming habits this summer:


1.  52% of us have watched more TV this summer than a normal summer.


2.  People aged 25 to 34 saw the biggest uptick compared to spring.  They watched an average of four hours MORE each day compared to March and April.


3.  47% of parents say their kids are watching more TV now than when the pandemic first started.  And a third have relied on it to keep their kids busy this summer.


4.  One out of six people are currently sharing passwords with someone else.  And one in four have saved money by starting a "free trial" and cancelling before they got charged.


5.  39% of us are currently struggling to find new content, because we've already watched so much stuff this year.