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February 11, 2020

It's asking a LOT to have people come to a destination wedding . . . so imagine asking people do to THIS.

Someone just posted a story on Reddit about a destination wedding their friend was invited to.  The wedding is in Cancun, Mexico. 

And the bride and groom aren't just asking people to fly down to Mexico, pay for the hotel, AND take time off work because the wedding is on a Monday.  Their guests also have to sit through a TIMESHARE PRESENTATION.

It's not clear if that was part of the deal for the couple to get married at the hotel, but for whatever reason, a timeshare presentation is part of their wedding events.

The people on Reddit more or less unanimously agree it's TOTALLY fine to skip that wedding. 

And one more Reddit wedding greed story:  A couple is getting mocked for sending cards to some of their friends and family explaining that they weren't inviting them to their wedding . . . but still asking for money as gifts.