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August 7, 2019

Are you happy?  A new survey looked at how our mood shifts during the day....and on weekdays, we're at our happiest between 6:00 and 9:00 P.M., because we finally get to unwind from work.

On weekends, we start feeling good a lot earlier, around 11:00 A.M.

The survey also asked people to name the top things that can instantly put you in a good mood......check out The Top 50 Feel Good Factors:

1. A good night's sleep

2. When the sun comes out

3. A walk

4. Receiving a compliment

5. Finding money in your pocket or wallet you forgot about

6. Getting a hug

7. Having good weather on the weekend

8. Birds singing outside

9. Seeing flowers in bloom

10. Enjoying a delicious treat

11. Hearing the words 'I love you'

12. Hearing a nostalgic song

13. Eating a home cooked meal

14. Sleeping in

15. Eating a chocolate bar

16. A smile from a stranger

17. Petting a dog

18. The smell of freshly cut grass

19. Leave work early

20. Bumping into a friend unexpectedly

21. Taking a bath

22. Seeing a rainbow

23. New episodes being released of your favorite TV show

24. Hearing children or babies laughing

25. A glass of wine or beer after a long day

26. No line at the supermarket

27. Someone making you a cup of tea

28. Getting coupon or discount from a favorite brand

29. Receiving a letter or card in the mail

30. Wearing a new outfit

31. A free coffee

32. Having no delays

33. Cooking a meal from scratch

34. Someone holding the door open

35. Getting a parking space in a busy garage

36. The smell of a favorite perfume or cologne

37. Having a good hair or make-up day

38. Giving money to charity

39. Pay day coming early

40. Waking up without an alarm clock

41. Changing into dry clothes after you've been caught in the rain

42. Older people holding hands

43. Saying hello to a stranger

44. Taking a daytime nap

45. Just managing to catch a bus or train

46. Catching all the green lights on the way to work

47. Hitting a new Personal Best

48. Getting a seat on the train or bus during rush hour

49. People liking or commenting on your social media post

50. Cake or biscuits in the office