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April 1, 2019

It's April Fools' Day, which means someone's gonna do something stupid enough to get fired or arrested.....and hopefully it's not you!  Just kidding.  That was OUR April Fools prank.  We hope it IS you.  Hahaha!!!!

Anyway, we pulled some interesting facts in honor of April Fools' Day.....followed by some pranks you may want to try on your friends, family and coworkers..

1.  64% of people are planning to pull a prank today.

2.  The 10 people we're most likely to prank are:  Our spouse or significant other . . . a friend . . . our kids . . . a coworker . . . mom . . . our boss . . . dad . . . a neighbor . . . a roommate . . . and a pet.

3.  Only 2% of people would pull a prank on an enemy.

4.  The most common reactions to getting pranked are to smile and admit it was good . . . prank the person back . . . get mad but get over it . . . keep a poker face and don't react . . . and quietly get furious.

5.  And finally, 2% of people say they'd end a friendship over a prank. 


If you're a real sociopath, you've been planning your April Fools' Day prank for months, but if you're a normal person like the rest of us, you're like, "Wait it's April 1st already?  What am I gonna do?"

Here are the eight most common pranks people pull on April Fools' Day.  You can either use these to plan your last-minute prank, or to know what you should watch out for...

1.  Mind game pranks, like rearranging someone's furniture and pretending nothing looks out of the ordinary.

2.  Scare tactics, like putting a fake spider on a person's chair.

3.  Lying pranks, like telling your significant other you're pregnant.

4.  A prank phone call.

5.  A food-related prank, like toothpaste in an Oreo.

6.  A "make things inaccessible" prank, like putting a stapler in Jell-O.

7.  An elaborate prank that you film for YouTube.

8.  A "toilet humor" prank, like cellophane on a toilet seat or putting fake poop in someone's coffee. 

If you need ideas for a LAST-MINUTE PRANK, here are 20 of 'em, most of which are pretty decent, harmless, and quick.

(National Today)