EXCLUSIVE: Kesha Gives Us the Keys to Being Kesha for Halloween

Where do we turn in a post-dollar-sign world?

October 28, 2019

So I got a question. Do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement?

Checks notes. I mean, do you want to be Kesha for Halloween?

Animals everywhere have been dressing as the pop icon for years, but she’s the first to admit that it has gotten tougher in a post-dollar-sign world.

“It used to be like, blonde messy hair and carrying around a bottle of Jack Daniels with a toothbrush in the other hand,” she laughs. “But, for this era now it’s like, choppy brunette bangs and pajamas. It’s the most comfortable costume. I would suggest anybody be me because all it is is being very comfortable, wearing silk pajama pants, fuzzy slippers in the rain, whatever.”

The new Kesha is more comfortable, but certainly hasn’t lost any of that old “don’t stop, make it pop” style. The singer made a triumphant return to her roots of “pure and utter debaucherous joy” last week with her new single, “Raising Hell.” The song is the lead look at her upcoming album, High Road, which arrives on January 10.

As if this costume question wasn’t confusing enough, it should be noted that the old Kesha comes back as a collaborator on her upcoming LP. “Kinky” is a song by Kesha featuring Ke$ha on High Road, and we just got our next couple’s costume idea. Yes, really.

But what about Kesha? What will she be this year?

“I was gonna be a frog because they’re amazing,” she tells RADIO.COM. “I like animals, so. But like an anglerfish sounds good. Or like a pufferfish, if you had something where you could just press a button and it would just poof up. That’d be a good idea.”

We’ll wait and see what she decides. For more on Kesha, her new single “Raising Hell,” and even her fish tattoo – check out more from our interview below.

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