Jeremih's family shares COVID-19 battle update: 'He's not out of the woods yet'

Family and fellow artists reach out to show support for the critically ill singer

November 19, 2020

Photo credit Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images


Jeremih continues battling symptoms of the coronavirus and using a ventilator to assist with breathing.

That’s according to a statement released by the “oui” singer’s family, this week. "The family believes daily prayers to God. A great team of doctors and nurses is helping him pull through," the statement reads. “He's not out of the woods yet, but progress is being made. The family and friends are praying that he starts breathing on his own soon, and makes a full recovery."

When news hit about Jeremih’s condition, artists from across the genre reached out to show support and love for the ailing singer. Chance The Rapper tweeted a heartfelt message asking fans, “Please if you can take a second to pray for my friend Jeremih, he is like a brother to me and he’s ill right now. I believe in the healing power of Jesus so if you can for me please please say a prayer over him.”

50 Cent tweeted a picture of the pair writing, “pray for my boy Jeremih he’s not doing good this covid s*** is real.”

Jeremih was rushed to a Chicago hospital earlier this week. Doctors placed the singer in ICU care and put him on a ventilator to assist with breathing. His family says it’s “rare for a young man his age without underlying conditions.” They say COVID is "viciously attacked his body."

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The family is using their grief to remind people the dangers of ignoring public safety advice and exposing yourself, or others, to the virus. "Also, It's important for people infected to quarantine and let their families and friends know ASAP. There's no shame in contracting COVID-19, and people that have it need to be responsible and considerate of others."

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