EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Choreography of Monsta X

See the group work out a few “WHO DO YOU LOVE?” moves

September 11, 2019

This summer, Monsta X made their way across the country, continuing to spread their brand of infectious pop and effortless dance moves, finding new fans in every city.

On stage, as the lights swirl and fog creeps in, the K-pop stars execute flawless choreography. Sliding and snapping and serving, the “WHO DO YOU LOVE?” group has next level moves. It all has to start somewhere though, so when we were able to link back up with the boys, we asked them to show us some of the skills away from the stage.

In the exclusive video above, Monsta X exercise some talent, and offer up the building blocks to their hit single’s choreography.

“Face dancing,” they laugh, as the movement is important for every part of the body, connecting to the crowd and turning big bold motions into intimate moments.

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Monsta X wrapped their thrilling We Are Here tour last month, also making their US television debut on Good Morning America.