Bill Nye Danced Down the Runway to Lizzo During Fashion Week

February 11, 2020

Bill Nye is not just the science guy. He can model, too.

While walking the runway for the Blue Jacket Fashion Show, Nye gave quite a performance for the audience. Not only did Nye walk, but he danced down the runway to the music of Lizzo.

CNN reported that Jessica Weiss, who was sitting front row, posted the video to TikTok. She captioned the video, "Lizzo the Science Guy" while the TV show host danced to "Juice."

Weiss told CNN that she used to watch his show in the 1990s - "Bill Nye the Science Guy."

"When he started dancing to 'Juice' by Lizzo I knew it would be very popular because they are both iconic," Weiss said. "This is my third fashion week and I've never seen anyone have as much fun as Bill Nye when walking down the runway."

The show was held to raise awareness for men's health and prostate cancer treatment. According to a news release, the show was also held to discuss early detection, risk factors and the importance of early treatment.

Bill Nye
Photo credit (Rob Kim/Getty Images for The Blue Jacket Fashion Show)

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