How Post Malone got a Manager

February 9, 2018

     Post Malone didn't get lucky to earn his fame.  He worked his way to success and his manager, Dre London shared one incident that showed Post's determination.  London says Post Malone was living in a house with producers, Youtubers, and gamers and when the group needed a studio, he offered up his bedroom.  This act was proof to London that Post was there for all the right reasons.  This is what he said about Post Malone doing that, "At this time he didn't have any music out, it was 2014. Just making songs in the house. Then, he moved out of his bedroom to the closet so that everyone could use his bedroom as a studio. When I saw that [I said] 'yeah, he wants it. He definitely wants it' To go and put your mattress in a closet in this small space when you had the second best room in this mansion. It made  he wanted it, he was here for a purpose."

     Now look at Post Malone and all his hits, White Iverson, I Fall Apart, Congratulations, and Rockstar all playing on B 93.7! 



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