Chris Goode

Chris Goode

Most embarrassing moment? The time I was struggling to get in my car with a clothes hanger and then find out my passenger side window was rolled down the whole time. What's your favorite spam subject line? When AOL wants my billing info and I get it for free. What fictional character would you most... Read More

Hawk Harrison

Hawk was born in middle Tennessee. He began his radio career by pretending to be a radio personality in the bedroom he shared with his little brother. The early years of practicing to be a DJ were brutal on his little brother, a captive audience of one. He graduated from Middle Tennessee with a... Read More

Heidi Aiken

“How do you put up with those guys in the morning?" That’s a questions Heidi hears all the time! Yeah, they pick on her a lot, but, it’s good for laughs and a lot of fun to hear her zing them back. As ”The “Voice of Reason” on the Morning show with Hawk ,Tom and Kato, Heidi holds her own, offering... Read More

Kato Keller

Hi. I’m Kato. I’m the funny guy on The Hawk & Tom Show, and the one who gets Tortured most Tuesdays. I was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, graduating from Greenville High School. No, I did not graduate with honors. I’ve had several jobs while growing up, including restaurants,... Read More

Ryan Seacrest

With his thriving broadcasting career and multiple ventures in media Ryan Seacrest is at the forefront of entertainment media. While hosting and producing multiple television and radio programs, building his Ryan Seacrest Productions banner (RSP) into a viable entity creating content for all media... Read More


What’s good? I am Shorty. I was born in Washington Township, NJ, and raised in Greenville, SC! At the age of 16, I started my radio career at Clemson University’s college radio station (I had to BEG the PD to let a kid on the radio, and not get paid for it!) From there I have had the honor to do... Read More

Supa Dave

What are you grateful for? My ability to read minds. Boxers or briefs? A photo of me in a green skirt was leaked. It changed my life. I never realized how great I looked in green skirts. Now, it’s a regular thing for me.. What would be your 5 dream categories on Jeopardy? Transformers / Star Wars... Read More

Tom Steele

Tom Steele was born to a rocket scientist family in Rockledge Florida. His dad was actually a rocket scientist at NASA. Tom was destined to follow in his father's footsteps and went to college in Nashville TN at David Lipscomb University where he majored in Engineering Physics with a minor in... Read More